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"Bulk SMS" is a special type of system by which an institution or an organization becomes able to send or receive a large volume of SMS i.e SMS in a bulk. It is known as the "BULK SMS '.

Bulk SMS is that resides in the network of operators and manages the process includes queues messages, billing the sender and the return receipts if necessary.

Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solutions that are available in the market. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click by sending bulk sms ,You can also send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away.  we offer you Bulk SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion, Offers, product marketing, and general awareness.

The real increase of competition and the constant need to be in communication provided a big boost to using SMS in bulk as a marketing tool. Our Bulk SMS Services enable businesses and people to stay in direct contact with customers, employees, affiliates, suppliers, etc.

Through a Web interface, you can send bulk SMS and also import contacts. In addition, we also integrate our SMS service with your website or any software or application. Many operators now offer web based interfaces to their Bulk SMS so that we can send short messages to any mobile phone from the web. Our Bulk SMS Services is a comprehensive solution designed for small, medium or large companies.

Web SMS is easy to use, simple and powerful. Web SMS will make you to send bulk SMS online in minutes. Our online SMS solution is ideal if you need to access on the move you can send bulk SMS from any PC connected to the Internet from any corner of the world.

Bulk SMS for consumers:

Bulk SMS can be used by business owners, community groups, or anyone desperate marketing agencies to communicate with a large group of people. Bulk SMS allows you to measure the impact of messages sent, you can track your delivery reports if you include a web link, you can measure the degrees of results and / or gross revenue led to SMS .

Many business owners and marketing professionals, however, are wary of using SMS because of the strict regulations associated with mobile marketing. However, we offer many advantages for the owner of the company.


  • It allows the business enterprise owner in which to stay contact with customers.This is a great way to let customers learn about special events, offers and discounts.
  • Second, offers cost effective for the business owner.
  • They can enjoy touching a wider audience at lower cost.
  • Another important advantage of it helps to have the best possible results and come to a marketing campaign even more successful and success.

Benefits of our Bulk SMS services:

  1. Quality comes first:
    • Best Accuracy
    • Instant delivery of messages
    • Friendly interface Company online
    • Uninterrupted service experience.
  2. Guaranteed SMS to all mobile networks in India Company.
  3.   SMS dedicated bandwidth for high volume users.
  4.   Multiple connectivity from different mobile operators.
  5. Highest level of security and confidentiality of customer database.
  6. Competitive price- We provide high quality SMS services at affordable  prices.

Pricing Table

  • Bulk SMS Campaigning Services

  • 1 Lakh SMS(3Months Validity) RS 8,500/-
  • 5Lakhs SMS(6Months Validity) RS 35,000/-
  • 10Lakhs SMS(12Months Validity) RS 65,000/-
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  • Promotional SMS Web account

  • 10k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 3,000/-
  • 25k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 5,000/-
  • 50k SMS(1YearValidity)
    RS 8,000/-
  • 1 Lakh SMS(1Year Validity) RS 12,500/-
  • 5 Lakhs SMS(2Years Validity) RS 57,500/-
  • 10 Lakhs SMS(Unlimited Validity) RS 1,0500/-
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  • Transactional SMS Services (Template Based)

  • 10k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 3,000/-
  • 25k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 5,000/-
  • 50k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 8,000/-
  • 1 Lakh SMS(1Year Validity) RS 13,500/-
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  • Transactional SMS Services (Optin)

  • 10k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 4,000/-
  • 25k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 6,000/-
  • 50k SMS(1Year Validity)
    RS 9,000/-
  • 1 Lakh SMS(1Year Validity) RS 14,500/-
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